Giving back and providing support to others comes natural to you.

Why not turn your dedication to service into a successful housing business?

  • Change

    You've been thinking about how you can be the change you want to see. BUT don't know where to start.

  • Help

    You have been sharing your gifts with the world for years. NOW is the time to leverage your gifts to help eradicate homelessness!

  • Restore

    You can make a difference! Help restore quality of life to individuals living in a vulnerable population.

Vulnerable Populations

Provide housing and supportive services to a wide variety of individuals living in vulnerable populations:

  • Individuals with mental health, behavioral health and substance use disorders

  • Elderly

  • Veterans

  • Youth/ Adolescents aging out of the foster system

  • Ex-Offenders

As owner & operator of Overview Transitional Housing, Type II Residential Facilities Licensed by  OHMHAS, I provide housing & supportive services to women living with Mental Health/Behavioral Health, and Substance Use Disorders. 

I researched the business for over a year before making the decision to become a Home Operator. I followed the rules as they were outlined, but failed my first Survey (State Inspection). I reached out for assistance from the State and was told to "Read the rules" -- Insert,
 Are you serious face?!? OMG!!! It was like being in a house of mirrors maze.

I hemorrhaged thousands of dollars as I navigated the politics of getting licensed, networking for residents, making my facility visible, keeping the lights on, water running, and food in the fridge.

Ultimately, my devotion to help people and realizing the personal growth and achievements of our Residents propelled Overview Transitional Housing into success.

After years of providing quality housing and exceptional supportive services as evidenced by the fidelity of our Residents, I have decided to share my expertise with you. 

I have leveraged my 10+ years of working in the Mental Health field and 20+ years of Admn experience to educate you on how to make a meaningful impact in the community while building a sustainable business.

Monica Wrentz

Being a part of Group Home EDU is pivotal to the success in launching a Housing Business. 

We help you...

Open Your Facility

Educate you on the entire process of opening your Residential Facility 

Guidance through the licensing process 

Assistance in securing your Facility

Help you understand the population you want to serve

Assist you in client retention

Stay in Compliance

We give you the tools you need to stay organized & in compliance

We assist in developing your Organization's Policies & Procedures

Templates of ALL the documents you will need for your Facility, Staff & Residents

Templates are updated frequently to maintain compliance with the State Board expectations

Sustain Your Facility

You'll get hands on training on how to continually provide quality housing and supportive services

You'll receive ongoing business coaching & support through your first year of business

As a member you will always have access to courses designed to help you see fidelity in your Residents

You've gained a partner in the industry

  • Answers

    You have a million questions. Your free 30mn consultation will provide the answers you've been looking for!

  • Strategy

    During your consultation we will identify the population you want to serve and create a plan to move you in the direction of your goals.

  • Commitment

    By the end of your consultation, you will have a clear understanding of how your will to help aligns with opening a Residential Facility.

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lisa tang

Thank you for providing all the paperwork. This will make it easy to start!

Thank you for providing all the paperwork. This will make it easy to start!

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5 star rating

Business start up basics

Lakisha Mazion

This was very informative information. I feel like I am now on my way.

This was very informative information. I feel like I am now on my way.

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Dalisa Walker

great info

great info

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Dalisa Walker

great info & examples

great info & examples

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Fire Inspection

Lakisha Mazion

This was a great over view. Clear and easy to follow techniques.

This was a great over view. Clear and easy to follow techniques.

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